Friday, 17 August 2012

 Made using Tina Fitch Design Cherry Blossom Wedding Template
Made using Tina Fitch Design Christmas Swinging Bell Card


  1. Hi Carol

    Popped by after seeing your post on Tina's group page on Facebook - I also have a blog - here's the link:

    one is especially for my cards, the others are family tree, every day postings and a private family one.

    Lovely cards on here Carol.

    I was useless at blogging at first but now it's 2nd nature to me, you'll soon get used to it. I sometimes write my blogs using 'Window Livewriter' which you can download for free then upload yours posts to blogger. It's pretty easy to use and I find it easier to put photos on the blog using that.

  2. Btw Carol

    I don't like word verification - you can change the setting so that you approve the comments - which I do and much prefer. Those little numbers and letters are so annoying.

  3. Me back again - I wanted to follow your blog but can't find the little button to allow me to do that!!!!!

  4. Hi Carol Hun. I agree with Jordiegirl. The numbers are a pain. I had to select 4 this morning to be able to read what it was. Hope I have better luck this time around xxxxx